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Troubled Training Center

VMT runs a side business in health care education in addition to its nursing home management and home health operations. And just as controversy has dogged those businesses, VMT’s education center has a troubled track record as well.

The school’s problems date back to at least 2003, when the D.C. Board of Nursing forced VMT to close its LPN training program because students had such a high failure rate on the licensing exam.

In 2005, however, VMT started another LPN training program under a different name. The relaunch has not gone well.

Today, VMT’s LPN students have the highest failure rate of any licensed LPN program in the District. From April 2010 through March 2011, only 59 percent of VMT’s LPN students passed the licensing exam — far below the D.C. average.

The Board of Nursing has placed VMT’s LPN program on conditional status and may shut it down again.